Acrylic Safety Gate


Acrylic Safety Gate

Patricia has always had a passion for product design and problem solving..

In 2015 Patricia and her business partner in Maik Creative, Declan Kinahan successfully licensed a new design for a minimalist acrylic safetygate to the global manufacturer Safe + Care Co, a Danish company with a manufacturing base in China. The acrylic gate is sold under the Qdos brand in the US and under the Fred brand in Europe.


The seeds of the problem with traditional safety gates were sown many years ago, when her particularly lively son would get stuck in the safetygate on her stairs at home. Patricia wondered why safetygates were designed that young children could do this!

This combined with her experience as an architect with over 25 years experience designing contemporary family homes, she was aware of the limited options of safety gates on the market. 

Conscious of the growing design awareness of Clients, Patricia saw the potential for a new minimalist safety gate for stairs and door opes. Existing safetygates on the market at that time were visually obtrusive, unattractive, traditional ‘jail like’ with the potential of children’s limbs getting caught between the bars.

Patricia sought to design a minimalist safety gate that would be aesthetically pleasing, transparent, safer - rigid with no bars, user friendly and designed to suit contemporary homes, protecting both babies and small pets. The concept developed so that the safety gate would potentially be an interior design product with potential for designs to to be personalised.  The acrylic gate was born...


The Crisbie Awards 2018 (USA)

JPMA Innovation Awards 2017 (USA)

The Fred Screw Fit + Pressure Fit Clear-View Safety Stair Gates are available to buy from major retailers including:



“Looks great and we have lots of comments from visitors on the nice stair gate! We have them top and bottom of our main stairs and they keep the house looking stylish and modern.”

-Betty (John Lewis Website)

“Excellent gate - barely noticeable being clear. Sturdy and well made.”

-Michael K (Amazon)

“Overall, we are well impressed with The Fred Clear View – when it comes to stair safety, you’ve got to get it right and they really have”

-Honest Dad Blog